Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Hey Thrillkeeper!

YAY! It's about to start: my summer at the roller coaster capital of the world: CEDAR POINT! Before I'm gonna update my blog on a daily basis with my experiences at CP- the place to be, I'd like to share all of my adventures that I experienced before heading to Ohio. 

Before I'm flying to Cleveland in a couple of days, I'm spending some time in Phoenix. During my work experience at Cedar Point, I made some really great friendships. That's why I'm visiting a really good friend here in beautiful Phoenix. 

My flight to America was super relaxing! What should I say about traveling to the USA? It's my favourite country in the world. It doesn't feel like flying to a foreign country anymore. It feels like coming home. Everything is so familiar and I love the language. It's true that my mother tongue is German, but I find it so much easier and nicer to express feelings and emotions in English. Their open mindedness seems superficial to a lot of Europeans out there, but I don't understand that. I rather have someone who is friendly and smiling than someone who is not motivated.

So, my first stop was New York and I have to say that I hate their airport. They were not able to handle the crowds of people arriving. Customs took forever and my baggage was everywhere else but at the assigned baggage claim area. But enough of complaining. I'm in America and that's all that counts.

My next flight was from New York to Phoenix. I just love Delta. I've always had a good experience with them. After my arrival in Phoenix, my friend and I went to In-and-Out burger to grab a quick bite. I was really exhausted after traveling for almost 20 hours. So all I did when we got to his house was falling asleep and waking up at 3am because of my stupid JET LAG! I hate it. That's why I'm sitting here typing these words, because I can't sleep and I rather invest my time in brining you great stories ;)

Next stop: Wildlife Zoo & Aquarium, Phoenix!

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Frankfurt airport is my second home
New York City here I come!

Mc Donald's is awesome!

All of them should have these self ordering machines!

America is calling!

True words!

This is how I start my journey!

Almost there!

America is beautiful!

New York area!

People are dumb!

My baggage was everywhere
Feels like being part of Sex and the City!
iPhone to go?
I need food!

This was...


One more flight!

Collecting miles!

Hey Phoenix!

Phoenix skyline!

More burgers!

Soo good!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Paris: Beautiful city, lonely hearts

Hey Thrillkeepers!

Long time you’ve heard from me, I know! I’m so sorry about not having continued my promised trip reports or any other reports you were waiting for, BUT I had many reasons for why things happened the way they happened and I feel like I want to share them with you! Why? Because you are my followers and you mean a lot to me!

As many of you might have noticed on my Instagram account (I haven’t been very active there either), I’m currently studying at the world famous Sorbonne in Paris (I will actually tell you how not amazing this school in reality is later). This has been the major reason for why I haven’t been able to promote my blog and work on it. My last semester was literally full of work, exams, presentations and organizational issues for my semester abroad. It’s been a semester where I did nothing else but working my part time job, going to school, studying and preparing my semester in Paris. This all together has been a full time job taking all my energy that I wished I could have used for my blog that suffered. That being said, I had absolutely no energy to continue my blog posts about my trips to Japan let alone my massive Europe trip during summer. I feel so bad, because this whole industry is my passion and sharing my moments I had on roller coasters is what I REALLY love. There is no other thing in my life that I am so enthusiastic about. You all know how much I love theme parks! This is why it is even harder for me to not do these trip reports or be in contact with you guys! I want to apologize to every single one of you out there that was looking forward to reading my trip reports and was disappointed because I had broken my promise. I learned that I should not promise things that I cannot hold. When things appear on my blog, it is because I was able to edit them. This is how I want to do things in future. I don’t want to disappoint you guys, so from now on, things will be online on my blog when they are ready, without announcements like “there will be my report from Japan next week”- This way none of us is disappointed. It’s much more of a surprise to see something is online without having expected it. I will post on Instagram when new blog posts are online though, even though I wish you would continuously visit my blog and comment on my posts! ;)
Another thing I want to share with you guys is about the content of my blog! Since I have been to Paris, I had a LOT of time to think about my life and about what I really want (that’s one of the good parts of Paris!). I realized that I really care about feelings, personal issues and common topics that you might feel interested about as well. That’s why I want to find a balance between travel trip reports but also personal blog posts about life, my feelings, my point of views towards issues that I encounter in daily life, lifestyle and maybe fashion! To me it is important to talk about feelings even though it might have appeared very superficial reading all of my trip reports about having fun on roller coasters. It’s a fabulous world in theme parks but REAL world (I do realize that here in Paris) is extremely different and very tough. I think it’s more than honest from me to let you know about all of these things that bother us in daily life while having an awesome time in theme parks! I hope you all care about these things as much as I do.

Paris. Well, Paris is a great city, no doubt about that. But as beautiful as the city might appear, it’s actually just a fa├žade as so many things in life. I arrived in Paris with the same motivation and enthusiasm that I had when I arrived in America in 2014 to intern at Cedar Point, Ohio. I was as happy and excited as always, but I realized that this is not how French culture works. People being stressed about life, busy bees walking to the metro, having their straight look, not interested in conversations or friendships. That’s how I found Paris and this is how I still see Paris: a beautiful city with lonely hearts. I came here to make new friendships and meet awesome people. I haven’t found them yet. I don’t know where they hide in Paris, but I haven’t seen any of them yet. People in school don’t talk very much. They come to class, listen to the prof (there is no such thing as discussion in class, you only listen to the teacher and make notes) and then leave to go to work. They are absolutely not interested at all in making friendships. I, as an extremely open-minded person, have difficulties in making friends. I feel like I’m in a different world, because this is not how I am. I am someone who has many friends wherever I go, but here in Paris, I kind of feel lonely. I also tried to find a job, but this is hard as well if you’re not French. They prefer people who are staying for a longer time than just 12 months. However, this also shows me that they are not willing to integrate people into their society. If you don’t make the first step whatever you need, you’re lost. Nobody will help you! Paris is literally like an exam that tests your ability to handle real life. Jay Z sings “Since I made it here, I can make it anywhere” in his song “Empire State of Mind”. Even though this song is about New York City, this applies to Paris, too! Everybody is so focused on themselves that they do not realize the people around them. Happy Marcel feels like being at the wrong place. If there is one thing that Paris taught me, it is the fact that I belong to America. I am just this happy, enthusiastic, open-minded, thrill-seeking person that is open to any new adventure and experience. Paris is not really letting me live this kind of personality. I try to enjoy all the monuments with their great architecture, but then again, at one point you’ve seen it all and you want friends to share these moments with! As I said, I’m glad that Paris is showing me who I really am. I am currently finding myself, trying to be the person I really am. I think I will do a video talking about all these problems in Paris just to explain it in a more detailed way. Let me know if you’re interested in a video like that! I’d love to do that!
I hope you once more understand why things are the way they are right now. I really want to make up for things and I can only hope for your support!
That being said, let’s keep the thrills alive with THRILLKEEPER!

PS: I don't know if the melancholic city of Paris is making me that melancholic or if it is really just me :D

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hey Thrillkeepers!

My final park of my Mini Dutch theme park trip was no other park but magical Efteling! I visited the park in 2013, but many things have changed, especially their coaster line up! 
Main reason to visit the park this year was their latest roller coaster BARON 1898, a Bolliger & Mabillard dive machine! To be honest, I didn’t expect anything super crazy of the ride itself since it didn’t look like a record-breaking dive coaster as you may find in America. However, their theming to the ride looked very promising and I wasn’t wrong! The ride experience is nothing I haven’t seen before, but the theming convinced me a lot! I loved the whole theming around the entrance area and the station. What I found out about the ride and its story was that the White Woman occurring in the pre-show also appears in Efteling’s mad house Villa Volta. I find it very unique to connect stories of different rides at a theme park. You don’t see that very often! Many European coaster enthusiasts hyped this coaster to be the GREATEST, BEST AND MOST UNIQUE roller coaster in the world. I mean, they need to be realistic. Its theming is really nice and unique, but the coaster layout itself is really nothing that we haven’t seen before! Then again, Efteling is a family destination. Why do they need a thrill machine that is the tallest and fastest? It doesn’t match with their whole concept and would be a complete fail in my eyes. Efteling stands for great theming, magical moments with family and friends and unique rides. If you want to ride thrill machines, go to an amusement park instead of a THEME park.
Efteling is home of a Vekoma looping coaster, two GCI woodies, a Vekoma indoor roller coaster and an Intamin Bobsled coaster! Whenever you’re at Efteling, be sure to ask for the ride certificate after your ride on Python (Vekoma looping coaster). It’ a certificate with your name on it and the date your rode the coaster! I have never seen this at any other park before, so I think it’s an awesome idea and a unique memory for guests, especially for kids who conquered the ride.
Best food options I can recommend is their snack bars where you can get all the typical Dutch snacks such as Frikandel, Kaasoufle etc. My secret tip is their burger booth near the Bosbled coaster! They make fresh grilled burgers in front of you! Super fresh and tasteful! The price is not too cheap (3,75 €) but well worth it since they’re quite big.
The park is more than just a theme park. It’s great for just walking around, enjoying the atmosphere and relaxing.
I also approve of their new magnets that say Efteling! Not too many parks have magnets with the park name on it! Thumbs up for that!
All in all, I can say that I had a GREAT time at the park. If I were you, I would include it in your trip plans whenever you’re here in Europe! Keep in mind that you get free access to the park if you have a Europa Park season pass! It’s a nice offer of the park, so you should at least spend some money in the park ;)

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